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Neo-Tokyo (jpn. ネオ東京), formerly Tokyo (jpn. 東京) - capital of Japan

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permanent smog, acid rain Loose Alliances p.8 SF


divided into
north of the new imperial palace - Yamanote (high city)
south of the new imperial palace - Shitamachi (towns below)
Shadows of Asia p.91 SF
! inconsistency: no mention of the new palace in 2071
Corporate Enclaves p.76 SF

wards of Neo-Tokyo

Chiba (since 2063)
Yokohama (since 2063)

Corporate Enclaves p.78 MAP, 77-84


2006: Tokyo Imperial Palace: proclamation of the Japanese Imperial State Corporate Enclaves p.58 TML
~ 2011: Pacific Rim Bank hostile takeover of Dekita Industries prevented with help of Korin Yamana Blood in the Boardroom p.22-23 GMI
2017: Dekita Industries and Yamana Electronics merge into Fuchi Industrial Electronics Blood in the Boardroom p.22-23 GMI
2039: three month Universal Matrix Specifications Conference sponsored by Fuchi Shadowrun Third Edition p.31 TML
Shadows of Asia p.78 TML
Sixth World Almanac p.57 TML
July 2, 2052: awarding of 2056 summer olympics to Tokyo Sixth World Almanac p.74 TML
  • exclusion of metahuman athletes announced after the awarding
Shadowbeat p.63 SF
Sixth World Almanac p.74 TML
May 24, 2054: crash of semi-ballistic flight to Tokyo, 119 dead Sixth World Almanac p.76 TML
2056: Tokyo Olympics
  • conflict over exclusion of metahuman athletes, boycott of the games
Shadowbeat p.63 SF
Shadows of Asia p.78 TML
  • boycott by 60% of invited nations
Shadows of Asia p.78 TML
Yamatetsu relocation: bombing of Yamatetsu Tokyo headquarters supposedly by Alamos 20K Target: Smuggler Havens p.5 DOC
2059: White Monday, Tokyo Stock Exchange crash Blood in the Boardroom p.19 TML
Corporate Download p.68 SF
Shadows of Asia p.77 SF, 78 TML
Corporate Enclaves p.58 TML
Sixth World Almanac p.82 TML
  • September 29, 2059
Blood in the Boardroom p.19 TML
Corporate Download p.68 SF
Shadows of Asia p.77 SF
Sixth World Almanac p.82 TML
July 28, 2060: Fuchi Industrial Electronics dissolved Blood in the Boardroom p.19 TML
Ring of Fire disaster and rebuilding
2061: Ring of Fire disaster Corporate Guide p.165 TML
  • Yokohama earthquake 5.5
Year of the Comet p.97 STK
  • Yokohama earthquake 7.2
Year of the Comet p.98 STK
  • Yokohama earthquake damages subway tunnels
Corporate Enclaves p.84 SF
  • aftermath: corporate shadow war in Tokyo
Shadows of Asia p.78 SF
2063: Tokyo restauration / creation of Neo-Toyko
  • Emperor creates Neo-Tokyo by merging the city of Tokyo and neighbouring prefectures
Shadows of Asia p.79 SF
Corporate Enclaves p.58 TML
  • Tokyo prefecture merged with Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba prefectures
Shadows of Asia p.79 SF
  • direct involvement of the Emperor in reconstruction
  • rejects megacorporate plans
  • aims to change the cityscape to affect change in Japanese society
  • consults Shinto priests, Wujen mages, geomancers
Sprawl Survival Guide p.75 SF
  • rebuilding directed by an alliance of Emperor, Shinto shamans and kami spirits
Shadows of Asia p.78 TML
  • allows unprecedented supervision by Shinto priests and local kami
Corporate Enclaves p.58 TML
  • decrees Shinto priest approval for all reconstruction projects
Corporate Guide p.165 STK
  • governor of Neo-Tokyo ignored when reconstruction contracts were issued
Corporate Enclaves p.77 STK
  • construction of a new Imperial Palace
Shadows of Asia p.79 SF
! inconsistency: no mention of the new palace in 2071
Corporate Enclaves p.76 SF
  • Shishi Operational Mechanics major participant in reconstruction
quote: "performing more jobs [...] than any of the megas"
Shadows of Asia p.82 SF
~ March 2064: enshrinement of assassinated Philippines governor Fukatsu Saru at Yasukuni Shadows of Asia p.174 DOC
2064: Transys Neuronet starts Neo-Tokyo wireless matrix project Corporate Enclaves p.58 TML
  • March 2064: Mitsuhama announcement: Neo-Tokyo as a wireless city
  • Transys Neuronet unveils Matrix overlay efforts in downtown
Shadows of Asia p.78 TML
  • Transys Neuronet contract supported by Empress Hitomi over Shiawase's Vector Matrix Services
Shadows of Asia p.80 SF
Yamatetsu reopens offices in the city Shadows of Asia p.82 SF
Crash of 2064
2064: target of Winternight EM pulse bomb System Failure p.66 GMI, p.80 GMI
  • moved over the sea
System Failure p.80 GMI
  • moved over the sea by a kami of the Imperial Household
System Failure p.78 STY
2069: Monobe International receives emergency medical services contract
  • taking over from CrashCart; potentially to punish Evo
Corporate Enclaves p.72 SF
2072: (Sunshine) Yokohama food riots, intervention by Neo-Tokyo police, 20 injured Corporate Guide p.117 STK
  • Mitsuhama claim: riots show failed Yokohama rebuilding effort
  • argues for gaining a reconstruction contract
Corporate Guide p.117 STK
July 20, 2073: two of Ryumyo's drakes killed and mutilated State of the Art: 2073 p.5 DOC


2071: population size: 45+ million Ghost Cartels p.108 IBX
2072: population size: 50 million (> 35% of Japan's population) Sixth World Almanac p.122 DOC


world's largest metropolitan economy at 40 trillion nuyen GDP
  • comparison: larger than several industrialized nations

14 million international visitors in 2070 spending 48 billion nuyen

Sixth World Almanac p.122 DOC
over the course of six decades (~2010-2070) formerly Osaka-centered commercial activity has transferred to Neo-Tokyo Sixth World Almanac p.122 DOC

Neo-Tokyo Stock Exchange Corporate Enclaves p.77 SF, 87 SF

Corporate presence[]

all Japanacorps have a presence in the city Shadows of Asia p.91 SF
increased foreign corporate presence Sixth World Almanac p.122 DOC

Aegis Cogito, branch office Corporate Guide p.190 SF
Drive-Ware Technologies (Mitsuhama), office Corporate Guide p.112 DOC
  • half the employees live in Kanda
Corporate Guide p.113 STK
Frankfurt Bank Association, office Corporate Guide p.196 SF
Yamatetsu, office
  • MetaErgonomics facility
Shadows of Asia p.82 SF


Chrysler-Nissan Shadows of Asia p.10 SF
Eastern Tiger Corporation (Japanese division) Corporate Enclaves p.70 SF
Komatsu Limited Shadows of Asia p.11 SF
Pacific Rim Bank and Financial Services Corporation Shadows of Asia p.12 SF
Blood in the Boardroom p.77 GMI
Pacific Rim Communications Unlimited Shadows of Asia p.12 SF
Prosperity Development Corporation Corporate Enclaves p.69 SF
Renraku Computer Systems (Chiba) Corporate Download p.75 IBX
  • Renraku Asia
Corporate Download p.75 IBX
Corporate Guide p.140 SF
Shiawase Biotech Corporate Download p.92 IBX
Corporate Guide p.170 IBX
Shiawase Financial Corporate Guide p.170 IBX
Sony Corporation Shadows of Asia p.14 SF
Yakashima Technologies (Yokohama) Blood in the Boardroom p.78 GMI
Shadows of Asia p.14 SF
Yokogawa Corporation Shadows of Asia p.15 SF


capital of Japan Sixth World Almanac p.122 DOC
2064: governor Ishihara Kano Shadows of Asia p.91 SF


Imperial Diet Spy Games p.96 STK
Kokyo (Imperial Palace) Corporate Enclaves p.58 TML, 76 SF
Sixth World Almanac p.122 DOC
Imperial Household Agency, headquarters Corporate Enclaves p.74 SF


Neo-TokyoNow (SCB) Ghost Cartels p.15 DOC
Tokyo Financial Times Corporate Enclaves p.65 IBX
Tokyo Metro Talk (Channel Two) Corporate Enclaves p.67 STK


Tokyo University Corporate Enclaves p.81 SF


Neo-Tokyo Contemporary Art Museum (owned by Yakashima Corporation) Corporate Enclaves p.73 SF
Neo-Tokyo Botanical Gardens (owned by Yakashima Corporation) Corporate Enclaves p.73 SF


Locus Elementum headquarters, three floors of downtown high-rise Loose Alliances p.95 SF
Company of the Via Stellae member/s Loose Alliances p.98 SF


Renewed Hermeticism taught in Tokyo State of the Art: 2064 p.117 SF
plan to open DIMR branch Loose Alliances p.81 SF



Neo-Tokyo Metropolitan Police Corporate Enclaves p.85 IBX
  • abbreviation NTP
Corporate Guide p.118 SF
! inconsistency: Neo-Tokyo Police Department (NTPD)
Vice p.185 SF

2064: guns forbidden Shadows of Asia p.91 SF

2064: "city defense force"

  • relies on network of surveillance sensors, fast response drones
  • most police booth (koban) replaced by Matrix kiosk with drone hutch
  • officers staff train and motorbike patrols

private police forces not allowed outside of exterritorial grounds

Shadows of Asia p.91 SF
  • recently supplementary private forces carrying weapons allowed by the emperor
Shadows of Asia p.91 STK
~ 2072: MCT trying to obtain Neo-Tokyo security contract from the emperor Sixth World Almanac p.124 STK

2072: Neo-Tokyo Metropolitan Police supported by Parashield and Petrovski Security

contract approved by the emperor

more support personnel than regular police

Petrovski teams integrate with police

Parashield runs animal management

supplied by Mitsuhama robotics division with vehicles, weapons, drones

Corporate Guide p.118 SF


Yomi Ryu Vice p.62 IBX
Bakuto no Bakuta (matrix gang), not connected to the Yakuza Vice p.140 SF


shadowrunning sometimes called "The Gaijin's Game" Vice p.46 SF

~ 2072: (Rigger X) unusually high activity

(conclusion) many assassinations

(conclusion) corporate security assets recalled to Japan

(conclusion) more foreign runners

(conclusion) improved police armament

Sixth World Almanac p.124 STK


conclusion: one of the few Pacific Rim cities without Triad presence Vice p.70 STK


Wanibuchi-rengo, centered in the city
  • Inagawa-kai
  • Kodachi-gumi
  • Wanibuchi-gumi
Vice p.52 IBX
Yakuza clans
  • Ingawa-kai
  • Kodachi-gumi (Yokohama)
  • Mita-gumi
  • Wanibuchi-gumi
Shadows of Asia p.84 STK
Mita-gumi (Watada-rengo) Vice p.52 IBX, 58 SF

~2072: bunraku dolls with better programming in Yakuza parlors

(speculation) Yakazu-Olaya deal for doll smuggling

Vice p.91 SF


drone use in the city above the already high Japanese average Shadows of Asia p.90 SF
Mitsuhama automated streetcleaners Corporate Enclaves p.68 SF
reconstruction-related infrastructure improvements
  • skyfarms
  • decentralized electrical generation
  • geothermal heating and cooling
  • polywell-based fusion reactors

decreased city's dependency on any one corporation

covert infrastructure attacks by corporations that have lost influence (i.e. Monobe, Renraku)

Sixth World Almanac p.122 DOC

Amenohoakari, satellite in geosynchronous orbit -- Corporate Enclaves p.94 SF; The Clutch of Dragons p.132


wireless matrix maintained by NeoNET TransAsia Corporate Enclaves p.68 SF

2064: major public RTG nexus System Failure p.76 GMI
2064: matrix overlay Shadows of Asia p.90 SF


Neo-Tokyo International Aerospaceport (NTIA), also Haneda Aerospaceport Corporate Enclaves p.87 SF
Haneda Airport (Tokyo International) main airport on Honshu
  • handles suborbitals
Shadows of Asia p.217 GMI
  • map position
Corporate Enclaves p.60 MAP

regularly scheduled flights from Vladivostok Target: Smuggler Havens p.92 GMI
flight Tokyo to Tír na nÓg, standard or transorbital Tir Na nOg p.14 DOC


Link Club State of the Art: 2064 p.139 SF
conclusion: Ryumyo store/s Dragons of the Sixth World p.150 STK
Neo-Tokyo Tower Corporate Enclaves p.82 SF, 94-95 SF
Fuchito Tower Shadowrun 2050, english p.28 SF
Ipissimus, Mitsuhama megastore for mystical goods Corporate Guide p.112 SF

see Chiyoda#Locations


Shinjuku, largest coffin hotel in 2005 The Neo-Anarchists' Guide to Real Life p.50 DOC
2050: art project in Tokyo, collaboration of Moira Thorton and Kyoto Nailbiter Shadowrun 2050, english p.43 SF
Mitsuhama contracted Tsimshian awakened sent to school/s in Tokyo in the 2050s Target: Wastelands p.23 STK
Flight 1118 started in Tokyo Shadowrun Third Edition p.35 SF
Blood in the Boardroom p.19 TML, 25 GMI
ash and pumice from the 2061 Unzen eruption reaches Tokyo Year of the Comet p.100 DOC
2064: could be first fully wireless city
  • beta test hot spots with I/O speeds of 150-250
Shadows of Asia p.90 SF
  • goal of I/O speeds > 500
Shadows of Asia p.91 SF
~ 2070 Wanibuchi-gumi matrix money laundering Unwired p.86 STK
2072: failed prototype in Sony plant Corporate Guide p.120 DOC

Takuri's (Seattle restaurant) chef exchange with Tokyo Seattle Sourcebook p.35 DOC
MIFD PLTG can be accessed through Shiawase host location in Tokyo Target: Matrix p.20 SF
Argus Connelly worked for Yamatetsu in Tokyo Loose Alliances p.132 SF
statistic: average building height - 2006: 16.2 meters / 4 stories - 2071: 48.6 meters / 12 stories Sixth World Almanac p.122 DOC

Names referencing Tokyo[]

Little Tokyo (in Los Angeles) Corporate Enclaves p.48 SF
Neo-Neo-Tokyo (matrix criminals) Vice p.148 SF
Tokyo Shoe Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Secrets p.28 DOC

Tokyo-by-the-Bay (San Francisco) State of the Art: 2064 p.130 STK
Tokyo by the Bay (San Francisco) Shadowrun Third Edition p.30 SF
Tokyo West (San Francisco) California Free State p.52 SF